Sunday, October 5, 2008

Sarah Palin Caught Up In Rape Kit Lies

Biden, Palin and Fitton

The Lies Of The Boston Globe-Democrat By Michael Graham:
The lead editorial in the Globe-Democrat today is entitled “Wasilla Made Rape Victims Pay.” This headline is what’s known in the news business as a “lie.”

The lies continue:

ONE QUESTION that Sarah Palin should answer during tomorrow's debate is why, during her tenure as mayor of Wasilla, the town started charging rape victims or their insurers for hospital emergency-room rape kits and examinations.

Now, that’s a great question. And if the Boston Globe-Democrat is telling the truth—if Sarah Palin “started charging rape victims” for rape kits, something that hadn’t happened before and that nobody else was doing—that would be a powerful question. And since the Boston Globe-Democrat says it happened, it must have, right?

But if it didn’t happen, if no rape victim or her insurance company was ever charged for a rape kit, then this sentence is an outrageous and horrifying lie. Would the Boston Globe-Democrat really run such an indefensible lie? That’s a great question, too.

And it is so easily answered. All the Globe-Democrat has to do is show a single incident of “the town charging rape victims or their insurers” for rape kits. Just one. That’s all. Should be easy, right? After all, Rene Loth & Co. (editorial page editor of the Boston Globe-Democrat) are reporting it as fact. Surely, Rene, you have the facts. So just publish them.
National Review: The Boston Globe Lies Repeatedly About The Rape Kits The Palin 'rape kit' controversy By Bill Adair

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Rod Adams said...


I do not spend much time reading all of the back and forth slinging in campaigns, so your post introduced a new topic to me. (No, I do not live under a rock, just rarely watch TV or read political blogs.)

It was interesting, so I followed a few links. The most cogent and evidence filled explanation was a post titled New Evidence: Palin Had Direct Role In Charging Rape Victims For Exams.

Based on what I know about how people with certain ideologies treat budget concepts, seems pretty believable.